A large number of modern coins issued by the Shah rulers are another precious possession of the museum. The first coin issued by Prithivi Narayan Shah from Nuwakot in 1754 is also displayed in the museum.

The coins of the modern period appear to have influenced thoroughly by the Malla coins except the deities and script on it. The names of the dieties inscribed in the Shah coins are Gorakhnath, Bhawani, Lokeshvara, Pashupati and Guheshwari with Devnagari script. The Shah coins were minted in the different materials like gold, silver, copper, brass, nickel and aluminium.

The gold coins found in Jumla from the private house, which is unidentified yet about its date (not readable Urdu or Persian script); is also the collection in this museum. Similarly, several commemorative coins issued by the Government of Nepal in the later period are also preserved and displayed in the museum.

Finger rings and necklaces studded with coins are also displayed in this museum, which are popular in different communities of Nepal since medieval period.

The paper currency came into practice in Nepal since 1945. The museum has also a good collection of paper cuurency issued by the Government of Nepal since 1945. There is a good number of foreign coins preserved as precious collection of the museum.

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