Government of Nepal
Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation

Department of Archaeology
National Numismatics Museum
Chhauni, Kathmandu


Ancient Coins

The ancient coins are exhibited in this museum were collected during the excavation of the Tilaurakot (1967-1976), the ancient city of Kapilvastu. They are punch marked coins (sixth century BC) and Kushan coins of Kaniska and Huviska (1st century AD).
The Lichchhavi coins were found in Kathmandu Valley which was designed in many ways. Some coins are designed with royal epithet Maharajadhiraj (the king) and Rani (queen) with their names and some are embossed with their tutelary deity Pashupati followed by the designs of lion, kalasha (sacred vessel) different position of a bull (standing, sitting and mobile positions), elephants, half moon, full moon, winged lion, flaming fire and some form of female deity as well. They are found embossed in simple artistic way representing the art forms of the period.