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Fragmented Coins

The full value of Nepalese coins was trended in Tibet as fifteen Karma (a kind of denomination) only one denomination. But when people needed in smaller denominations they were cut into pieces and thus used. There are many pieces of such fragmented coins belonging to King Jayaprakash Malla and Pratap Singh Shah. The Tibetans term those fragmented coins as Chotang (Cut Mohar). While cutting those coins they give attention to the eight-petal design and cut them dividing eight petals into the ratio of two thirds, half, and one third.
They were denominated as five petals to ten Karma, four petals to seven and half Karma, and three petals to five Karma. During later phase of history (19/20th Century) the rim portion of the coins as they thought unnecessary for denomination purpose were cut around leaving only eight-petal designs. Then cut again into the ratio as described above into ten, seven, and half, and five karma. Someone behind the curtain earned the profit out of it.